About us

About us

Your nutritional consultant is Helena Okorn.

Author’s works: articles (popular and expert) are available only in Slovene.

A healthy balanced nutrition

  • Nutrition is a vital part of our life
  • Do we know what we eat?
  • How much energy do we need?
  • Do we drink enough?
  • The right choice of food for children and adolescents
  • Nutrition of older adults
  • Nutrition that improves the quality of life
  • Nutritional supplements for pregnant women (a review article)

Body mass management

  • Why is the number of overweight people increasing?
  • Why should we try to achieve an appropriate body weight?
  • Does an efficient, healthy way of losing weight exist?
  • Childhood obesity - hazards and pitfalls

Sports Nutrition (review articles)

  • Sports nutrition for young athletes - how does nutrition affect the achievements and growth of a young athlete?
  • Water and electrolyte needs for training
  • Nutrition for long distance runners