Body mass management

Weight gain

A healthy body weight proves advantageous in many aspects;

it maintains our well-being and health and also has an impact on our self-image.

The decision about whether to gain weight can be a question of appearance or may be required for your health or a condition you may have.

If you are healthy, but underweight, your reasons are mostly likely to be of an aesthetic nature.

If you’re an athlete, then the increase in body or muscle mass may help to improve your sports performance.

If you’re underweight as a result of inadequate nutrition or a health condition, such as an eating disorder, then suitable nutrition counselling in coordination with other experts is highly recommended.

If you want to increase your body mass in a healthy way and maintain it in the long-term, we can advise you. We can assist in reviewing your eating habits and determining changes as well as selecting suitable physical activity. We design a feasible plan and offer you support with the implementation of any changes that need to be made. This way, you’ll gain the required body mass in a healthy way and keep it in the long-term.