Body mass management

Weight loss

A healthy body weight proves advantageous in many aspects;

it maintains our well-being and health and thus affects the quality of our lives.

It is also of significant importance for our physical appearance and self-image. 

Various popular diets, based on starvation and eliminating certain foods and/or simultaneously incorporating slimming products, usually turn out to be inefficient. Many, having already tried quick weight loss plans, have found out that the initial results were satisfactory, but they have later failed in keeping the reduced body weight. They have gradually regained the weight, possibly with additional weight as well. Such diets threaten our health, leaving an individual physically exhausted and emotionally distressed with a sense of repeated complete failure. Therefore professional help and support are essential.

Reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight also prevents the risk of developing certain diseases and helps regulate existing ones.                                

If you want to reduce your weight and maintain a healthy weight in the long-term, we can offer you advice. Working alongside you, we design an achievable nutritional plan, which incorporates changing your eating habits along with suitable physical activity. We provide substantial support throughout the whole process. If necessary, the plan can be modified in order to help you deal with the potential obstacles on your way to a long-term reduction of your body mass.