Group consultation

We offer a variety of diversified, interactive and educational group sessions

with the intention of improving your eating practices in order to support your health, well-being, capacities and efficiency.

In group sessions we are guided by the needs and preferences of participants. We work alongside them to create an atmosphere in which people can learn about appropriate nutrition in a creative way, and then move onto exchanging experiences, and designing practical and realizable ideas as well as encouraging improvements.

Companies – health promotion

Healthy employees for a healthy company – higher capacity and higher productivity

Nutrition choices during the working day undoubtedly affect well-being and an employee’s approach to work. Encouraging healthy nutrition and making it possible at work gives the company a chance to enhance employees’ health as well as increasing their productivity, which results in better economic efficiency for the employer.

Healthy nutrition is also a significant protective factor in preventing numerous chronic diseases, as it diminishes their occurrence and consequently reduces the absence rate of employees.

What do we offer?

  • We give lectures and workshops.
  • We provide professional support with the preparation of marketing materials and implementation of various activities (for example health days, sports days, food at events, etc.).

For whom?

  • For healthy employees
  • For employees, trying to overcome health difficulties related to nutrition (for example overweight and obese individuals, individuals with abnormal blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides levels, etc.)


At our lectures, the meaning of healthy nutrition for the health and well-being of an individual is presented in a creative way. Following the recommendations, we put together practical, feasible cases, either for an individual or for groups. We tailor the contents to the needs and wishes of a client.


Workshops give us an opportunity to creatively learn how to meet the nutritional needs of an individual in a multitude of situations and surroundings. Experiences are exchanged, and we actively search for and suggest solutions.

We also organise cooking classes, where savoury, tasty and healthy meals are created.

Sports clubs and sports associations

We offer lectures and workshops which include the latest scientific discoveries in the field of sports nutrition, and what will best provide an athlete with sufficient nutrients and energy to achieve high-quality training, recover effectively post-training and adapt to training stimulations. In this way, injury can be prevented and the athlete’s health can be maintained, all of which leads to more effective training.

What do we offer?

  • We teach an athlete how to select appropriate food, thus facilitating the coach’s job.
  • We give the coaches nutrition recommendations which are the result of the latest scientific findings.


We give lectures for elite and recreational athletes of all age groups (adult and young athletes) as well as for their coaches and parents. The theoretical recommendations are transformed into practical, feasible advice in an interactive way, which is suitable either for an individual or groups. The contents are adjusted to the needs and wishes of a client.


Workshops give us a chance to creatively explore and learn how to meet the athlete’s needs, according to their sports activity. Experiences are exchanged and we actively search for and suggest solutions.

Our cooking classes focus on learning how to create tasty, nutritious meals, suitable for a variety of situations (basic diet; meals and food before, during and after physical activity; meals at home and during training camps).

Educational institutions

Healthy eating habits established in childhood represent an excellent toolkit for children’s growth and development towards adulthood; it helps them to learn and fulfil their potential. In school surroundings we offer an opportunity to develop children’s and adolescents’ skills in learning to eat a healthy diet, while encouraging children to make the right decisions for themselves; in this way we strive to minimize the effect of unhealthy food advertising.

Lectures and workshops aim at gaining insight into practical skills for a healthy diet and learning to stick with it. We also explore various topics, linked to nutrition and attitudes towards food. The contents are adjusted to the needs and wishes of the client.

Popular topics:

  • Preparation of good and tasty, healthy food in the shortest possible time
  • How to make fruit and vegetables more appealing
  • How do I have a good time while avoiding eating sweets, salty snacks and sweet drinks
  • Self-image and food
  • How to eat to be fit and healthy