Illness related nutrition

The nutritional needs of a person who is ill are different from those of somebody who is well, so the former’s diet should not be the same as the latter’s diet. Illness and different health conditions mean the body’s nutritional needs are altered. But an appropriate diet, adapted to the patient’s needs and their health condition, help us to better regulate the condition they are suffering from. We emphasise however, that in no case, even if their food consumption is reduced, patients should never be given too low an intake of food.

We are specialized in nutritional counselling on:

  • obesity
  • heart and coronary diseases (coronary diseases, heart failure, post heart attack conditions, post stroke conditions, peripheral obstructive arteriosus disease)
  • abnormal blood values of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • diabetes
  • osteoporosis

In order to overcome the difficulties and conditions you are facing, we work alongside you to design a nutritional plan, considering your needs, wishes and capacities.