Sports nutrition

Young athlete

What you eat affects your well-being, performance and health.

You are in a period of rapid growth and development and your nutritional and energy requirements are additionally increased by the sports activities you’re engaged in. Besides training sessions and competitions, you are busy all day with school and other obligations. 

So the question lies in what you should eat in order to be able to train efficiently and recover effectively after exercise, in order to achieve the desired adaptation to training and to remain healthy and without injury. We can advise you on what you should eat to achieve these goals.

  • What, how much and when should you eat?
  • What, how much and when should you drink?
  • What and how should you eat during competitions or while travelling?
  • What should you pay attention to if you want to gain or lose weight?

For parents,

Children and adolescents are experiencing a period of their lives marked by intensive growth. Their nutritional and energy requirements are very high and additionally increased by the physical activity they’re engaged in. But the food they eat doesn’t often meet their needs, which can lead to slowed-down or irregular growth and development, repeated infections, an increased risk of injury and decreased achievement at school.

We offer counselling, adjusted to young athletes and also to their coaches and parents. We help you select appropriate food which will cover the needs of young athletes. The chosen food will support their growth and development as well as the physical activity they engage in for their particular sport. The young person’s everyday life, with its array of daily obligations, will be taken into consideration as well.                        

We treat a young athlete in a comprehensive way as a whole. We cooperate with coaches, sport doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and other experts; in this way we help you with the young athlete’s development and their achievement of the best possible results.